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Subject: Norwegian artist visit to the US
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Subject: Norwegian artist visit to the US

Hello - I am trying to establish contacts for a Norwegian artist who
will be visiting the US later this month, and wondered if the following
message might be posted on [email protected]? I fully understand if you find
it is not appropriate. Best regards, Petter Naess

(message follows)

Please excuse cross-posting of the following on several lists:

On behalf of a prominent Norwegian artist and professor and
former rector at the Norwegian Academy of Arts, I am trying to identify
appropriate contact institutions and individuals for an upcoming
study trip to the U.S. (October-November 1993).

Guttorm Guttormsgaard (b.1938) is represented in the Norwegian National
Gallery and in most major public galleries in Norway; his production
includes drawings and graphic art, sculpture, monumental works
such as the facade of the Oslo Spectrum arena and the fountain and
central square of the University of Troms|, and installations such
as the electronic wall of the Norwegian Pavillion at the Seville
World Fair.

Guttormsgaard is particulary concerned with the art of printing,
and with the entire range of social, psychological, technological,
and semiotic implications of the printed word and image. He is
currently involved in a project that would incorporate into the
nascent Norwegian National Library a "workshop library" related to
the development, past and future, of printed words and images.
The broad focus of his study tour to the US will be on printing and book
arts in this time of transition, and he intends to visit a number
of museums, presses, and galleries. On his behalf I solicit
suggestions/ideas about what to see and whom to talk to. Please
include mailing address, phone and fax (Guttormsgaard is not on
the internet) Input will be greatly appreciated. Please email
responses to me at

[email protected]

Regards, Petter Naess

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