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October 12, 1993

Dear Alex Soojung-Kim Pang:

Our names are Chad Stein and Tracy Stinson, and we are students
at the Southside
Virginia Governor's School. I am very interested in the
floating city you mentioned in your message about the Old Man
River project. The group that I am working in is trying to
create a city of interconnected dome that can float on water.
Other ideas include creating spheres that will rest halfway in
the water.

We realize there are many problems we must tackle. My question
to you is, will a system of anchorage keep an entire city in
place? We are thinking along the lines of using magnatism from
the ocean floor to hold the structure in place. Would these
ideas be feasible if large storms or typhoons were to occur?

We need to have a system that is flexible enough so that the
city could survive a fairly severe storm, yet keep it from
drifting during calm waters. If you have any thoughts or
suggestions about these ideas, or any background information on
the planned floating city, please write back in care of our
teacher, Hilve Firek, [email protected]


W. Chad Stein
Tracy Stinson
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