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-> John Tsuchiya) writes:
-> >Does anyone know the answer to the following question or where to find out
-> >about it (or whether or not it has been answered):
-> >
-> > How in human perception are the visual stimuli grouped into
-> > objects? I.e., how are a group of figures perceived to be a
-> > group rather than separate, unconnected entities? (such
-> > as a group of lines forming a box or letter).
-> >
-> >Thanks to anyone who can help...
-> >
-> > John Tsuchiya

-> You might find the writings on the Gestalt theory relevent. Many people
-> have written about it.

1. Perceptual Organization and Visual Recognition, David G. Lowe
2.Gestalt Psychology, Robert S. Woodworth
3.Theories of Visual Perception, Ian E. Gordon
4.Visual Perception of Form, Leonard Zusne
5.Visual Perception - Physiology, Psychology and Ecology, Vicki Brude
and Patrick R. Green
6.Thinking Visually, Robert H. McKim
7.Oraganization and Representation in Perception, Jacob Beck

among many (many) others. Hope this help.

Jose Damski

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