Zaks Gallery

> BTW, next Friday evening, October 23, is an opening at Zaks Gallery
> (5 to 7 pm). Why don't we all meet there? Everybody! 620 North Michigan
> Avenue, Chicago, Il 60611 (3rd floor). I wonder how many can show up?
> B e n M a h m o u d : U 2 0 B X M 1 @ N I U . B I T N E T

OK Ben, - I'll be there virtually, in spirit if not in flesh ... it would be
nice to read a review of the proceedings (and comments about the work on show -
although if openings I've been to in the past are anything to go on ... an
appraisal of the buffet will suffice!). Who is opening? Who will be there? Is
Chicago really like Newcastle?

Let us know.
(more than a bus ride away from Chicago)
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