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Simon: I don't know if Chicago is like Newcastle. I've never been to New-
castle. But I do know they take coals to Chicago: by the trainload. Chicago
is a city of drastic "zones." There is the elegant north shore, there is the
ethnic north side. There are the war zones: south side and west side. Yet,
within each of these are great exceptions. Un. of Chicago is on the s. side.
There are more Poles in Chicago than in Warsaw. The second language of Chicago
is "Spanglish." But enough about Chicago. The opening is for the work of
Philip Livingston, sculptor. He is on the faculty of the University of Tenn-
essee (a fair sized department with a growing reputation). His work might be
described a bit on the Chicago Imagists side. With geometries and suggestions
of figures. Looks like this show will be in aluminium with paint, wood and
gold leaf. And there are no buffets (drat the luck). There is served some
fair-to-middling white wine and some soda. Openings in Chicago seem rather
friendly (at least compared to openings in NYC which are decidedly unfriendly..
though the booze is better). So, we will enjoy your virtual presence.
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