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I really enjoyed Alex Soojung-Kim Pang's comments on the letter
that appeared in the New York Times regarding shelters in India's
earthquake. Mr. Pang's research seems quite thorough and added to my
understanding of Fuller's life.

Sadly, his revelation that Fuller's "vision ...was rather more
complex and perhaps more sinister than Mr. Stubenrauch reports." did
not come as a surprise to me.

Some of R.B.Fuller's actions especially regarding the invention
of tensegrity structures and his involvement with Werner Erhardt, EST
and World Hunger project do not say much about the man.

It's his ideas, and through his ideas his hope for people that
become important. I.B. Singer, the Nobel Laureate writer once asked
if he would like to meet and talk with Leo Tolstoy said That while
he read every word of Tolstoy he wouldn't cross the street to talk
with him. His human failings might destroy the ideas he placed in his

The truth is that if those domes were mass produced and
were or weren't empty, the cold war is over and lives would have been

Gerry Segal
Director of College Systems
Bank Street College of Education
New York, NY
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