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Dr Peter Mlynarski
Quantum Chemistry Group
University of Lodz
PL90-136 Lodz
Narutowicza 68, POLAND
e-mail: [email protected]
home address:
PL90-208 Lodz
Prochnika 27 m.21 , POLAND

Dear Madame,

First of all, I feel that you will find it useful if I will do
some explaining. I am a research scientist in the field of quantum
chemistry. Because I use computers I have an access to Internet network
and it is my wife Cathy who wants to use this electronic mail facility
as possible help in her work. I have found your e-address GOPHER-ing
through women,fashion,design,feminism etc.. as the keywords. Cathy
graduated and got her MD from the High School of Fine Arts and Design.
She writes articles and makes some designs in FASHION. That is the main
keyword I would like to ask for help. Namely, do you know if there are
e-mail "distributed" articles about fashion, history of fashion, modern
design, articles about "big guys" in this industry, articles about
relations between women at work and their fashion etc..
I will be very grateful if you could give me any comments or suggestions,
also if you feel that you can not provide specific answers please,
FORWARD this mail to another e-mail address you find more suitable.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Mlynarski
P.S. I have spent almost three years in US and Canada as postdoctoral
fellow, I had a great time here and that is a partial reason I decided
to write this letter. peter.
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