GENERAL: R.B. Fuller, Snelson and Warner Erhardt.

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Chris Fearnley said:

> I do not believe that Fuller did anything wrong regarding the
> invention of tensegrity structures - although I have heard this
> unsubstantiated claim before...For me I honor both men for what is
> truly remarkable work!

Mr. Fearnley seems to think that Fuller recognized the
contribution of Ken Snelson to his discovery of tensegrity which I
agree is a truly remarkable work and that the two had arrived at a
harmonious accord. Nothing could be further from that view.

It is not Mr. Snelson's "artists friends" who object to Fuller's
taking credit for the discovery but the artist himself. I did a
rather extensive interview with him for an article I wrote in
"Science Digest" Magazine in 1984. It is clear that as Mr. Fearnley
states,Ken Snelson has the patent on the invention. It is also clear
that no mention is made of Mr. Snelson in Synergetics I and II clearly
Fuller's seminal work. There is more than one entire chapter devoted
to tensegrity in these books. Not to mention Snelson is more then an
oversite, it is blatent self-promotion at the expense of another's
hard work, and as I state in my initial note doesn't say much about
the man.

> Also, I don't understand why Fuller's involvemnet with Warner
> Erhardt, EST and World Hunger project detract from Fuller, the
> man....

Even Erhardt's supporters on this net claim he didn't give a
penny to help world hunger in the name of world hunger. Fuller's
concern about the inhabitants of "spaceship earth" didn't go very far

I'm not sure if the events I discuss or others have any real
weight against the ideas of a man's life. Sometimes though getting
close to the human being can detract from what they have truly
offered mankind. I believe this is the case with R.B. Fuller.

Gerry Segal
Director of College Systems
Bank Street College of Education
New York, NY
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