Typological research

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Henri Achten, a research assistant
on the University of Technology Eindhoven, Holland. I am working in
the Faculty of Architecture on a dissertation involving designing by
generic grids. Part of my research-program is about building-types,
and trying to figure out ways to formalize them and using them
actively in the design-process. Up until now I have been approaching
the concept of type from a rather abstract point of view (which
didn't yield very much really interesting information), as well as
approaching it from a very pragmatic point of view, namely by
investigating one specific building type: the office building. I
think I have pretty much exhausted sources of information on my side
and I am therefore asking you information about:

1. Do you know any books or sources on architecture that deal with
types and *do* tell anything substantial? (theory, classifications,
examples, systems). This could involve not only "building types", but
also typologies in the constructional field or the building field.

2. Can anyone give information about good books or sources that give
exhaustive information/in-depth material about offices?

3. Are there other listservers that engage in architectural theory or
design theory/methodologies?

Many thanks in advance

Henri Achten
University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture and Building Science
[email protected], or
[email protected]

p.s.: If you're interested in architecture/theory/computers, visit
our gopher OASE in Eindhoven: gopher.tue.nl
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