Trip recommendation wanted

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From: [email protected] (Marcus Herzog (wsi))
Newsgroups: alt.architecture
Subject: Trip recommendation wanted
Date: 25 Oct 1993 15:37:06 GMT
Organization: Inst. fuer Informationssysteme, TU Wien
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Keywords: Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Seattle

Dear Colleagues,

I am visiting Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Seattle in
November. As I am not so familiar with the latest architectural
projects in these cities, I want to know if anybody can suggest
interesting places to go there. Please reply directly to my address; I
will re-post the collected answers (hopefully) all at once.

Thanks a lot

Marcus Herzog email: [email protected]
uni: TU-Vienna, Inst. 184/2, Paniglg. 16, A-1040 Wien, phone: +43-1-58801-6115
home: Promenadegasse 57 D2/2, A-1170 Wien, Austria phone/fax: +43-1-453980
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