ARCHITECTURE: (Lecture by) Tony Hiss, U of Maryland.

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Tony Hiss gave the last lecture in the University of Maryland School of
Architecture's Fall Lecture Series, "Making Towns: Principles &
Techniques". His lecture was titled, "The Experience of Place", after
the book he has published by the same name.

For those of you on the transit list he does have a book coming out soon
on transportation. He also encourages everyone who can to ride the ICE
train to do so now before its gone (as a writer for the NY Times he gets
to do fun things like that and get paid for it). He was also very
impressed by the NYCTAs "New Technology Trains" and made the statement
that they would be (the presentation involved many slides including the
interior of one of the subway trains) the standard car in New York in the
coming decades. There were the usual statements about the Interstate
highways system and the problems they created (including a very amusing
slide which you have to see to get the humorous aspect).

For all the planners out there: He said that not only do YOU (meaning us
the audience) have to become planners, but your children must also become
planners. It has taken us 50 years to ruin and scar the landscape and
our cities and it will take at least another 50 years to correct it.

Much of the presentation involved slides which were out of his book... So
if your interested in that sort of stuff I suggest you go to your local
library and check it out.

Dharm Guruswamy Senior Urban Studies & Planning Major
University of Maryland at College Park - A Flagship Institution
I cant believe its my last year! | MD Basketball 93-94 is almost here!
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