ARCHITECTURE: Graduate Schools?

Expect to study 2-3 years without a BArch degree. That might gain you
a MS in Architecture or MA in Architecture or MArchitecture.


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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1993 10:56:42 GMT
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I will be graduating from U.C. Davis in March and would like to know
about architectural programs in the U.S. There isn't an
architecture program at Davis so I don't really have anyone to consult
with. Right now I can't decide whether I should find a job,
apply to an engineering program, or go to architecture school. I am
currently majoring in Civil engineering (with a sole emphasis on
structures); I have also already passed the Engineer-in-training
exam and have engineered and made architectural changes to a 5000+
sq ft residence. I view architecture as an art (being an artist,
although producing infrequently {no time}, myself.) What is the
job market for architects as opposed to engineers like? What about
the idealist view (art) of architecture (is it feasible after
economics and the owners are taken into account)? Also how
important is the GRE? and what about a portfolio? Or should I work
and then maybe make a switch to architecture after gaining a foot
in structural design? These are just questions I have; I don't
expect one person to be able to answer everything but any info
would be appreciated (especially from architecture school faculty,
especially especially UCLA and Cal Poly faculty.)
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