GENERAL: 6th International Housing Conference. Beijing, China. [Late Notice]

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6e conference internationale 6th international research
de recherche sur l'habitat conference on housing

21-24 septembre 1994 september 21-24 1994


Defi global - defis locaux Global challenge - Local challenges
du 21e siecle in the 21st century

Appel de communication Call for papers

d'ici le 30 octobre 1993 deadline: october 30 1993

Ateliers: Worshops:

Habitat urbain et politiques publiques Housing and Public Policies
Habitat et qualite de vie Housing and Quality of Life
Marche du logement The Housing Market
Construction de l'habitat urbain Construction of Urban Housing
et environnement urbain and the Urban Environment
Urbanisation et developpement urbain Urbanization and Urban Development
Sociologie de l'habitat Sociology of Housing

Pour plus de details: For more details:

Ye Qimao
Liu Hanju
Institut de recherche Urban Studies Institute
sur l'urbanisation
B.P. 2822
100044 Beijing, Chine

tel.: 86-1-831-1882
fax: 86-1-831-3158

[email protected]
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