GENERAL: Arts Wire and Listserv Files.

I have sent Subject to each person on DESIGN-L. I thought you should be
aware of information such as Arts Wire, which is available via GOPHER.

The Listserv files information is, also, available from GOPHER as well as
other sources. You will see this when you read the file. Probably most of
your know most of this information. However, there are some on the list
who need to be informed about it. The various listserver groups listed
in the Listserv file might be of interest to some of you. Where you are
interested and do subscribe to a list, please fee free to clip and send
information related to DESIGN-L to our list. I cannot read everything for
everybody, but many bodies can read something of value for the list, and
forward it. Please do, if it pertains to the list.

TRy to learn how to use this list well---and do support it with a little

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