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Hi Andy: Nice to meet you too... Your work sound very interesting. I
would like to see some of it, if you could give me reference to

As for my Paris piece...It is the first time in many years that
I have jumped into sculpture again. Of course, the art of
sculptural design has been very influential in the way I have
worked with architecture and art students over the last almost
24 years. The reason I presented a major work to Paris is
because it involved CAD-CAM. It seemed reasonable to begin
some form of sculpture that would save time for makettes. [I
just have not had the time to produce built works.] I like the
potential in the CAD-CAM process to visualize works that can be
machine built in a plastic sense. The work I produced is large.
It would have to be either public art or within a large interior
architectural space.

About the sculpture lists, far as I can determine,
there is no specific sculpture list or netnews posting area.

The reason I have done the design-l at psuvm is to relate both
art and architecture interests. I have done that because of my
specific education and experience in those areas. Therefore, I
try to pick up almost everything of value to those interests from
many sources, and I forward it to the readers. I hope they would
help out in the process much more than they do. Maybe you could
focus on Subject: ART: SCULPTURE: .... postings to the design-l,
and other sculptore would join in. That would be wonderful.

Well enough for now...
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