Software for Art and Architecture

To recipients of Design-l:

I'm a Technical consultant at Cornell University, and I have been working
with the faculty from our art and architecture departments to develop a
list of software for use in a new computer facility.

The new training facility will have 14 Macintosh 660 AVs with 12 mb of
memory and 500 mb harddisks. Along with the av's we also plan to provide a
large fast server. All machines will be networked, and there will be
several MO drives (with 125 mb cartridiges) so that students can off-load
their work. We are weak in the area of color output so far (ie, no really
good color printer yet) but I have faith.

So far, the art department has adopted Adobe Photoshop and Infiniti-3D.

The architecture department has discussed a number of CAD and design
programs for the Mac. The architecture courses initially taught in this
facility next semester will involve some of the following areas: graduate
visualization studies, publication software for high-resolution output,
first year drawing, perspective, and furniture design.

Any suggestions, experiences, or software recommendations would be most
welcome as we make further decisions for this teaching lab.

Many thanks.

Cynthia Frazier
Senior Technical Consultant
Cornell Information Technologies
Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14530
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