Position - Professor Ergonomic Design, Delft

Department of Product and System Ergonomics

is looking for a
Full Professor in Ergonomic Design.
The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering provides for a
course of study which trains engineers in Product Development
and Product Management. The products are consumer goods inten-
ded for mass production. The Faculty has four Departments:
Product- and System-ergonomics, Engineering Design, Aesthe-
tics, and New Product Development.

In the Department of Product-and System-ergonomics, specia-
lising in Man-Product Interaction, and specifically in the
Section of Ergonomic Design, a vacancy exists to succeed the
Full Professor in Ergonomic Design.

The professorship concentrates on product-development and
special subjects of ergonomic design and also on research to
further the scientific basis of ergonomic design.
Teaching: Coordinating interdepartmental design projects for
students; coaching 10 to 20 Masters of Engineering projects
annually; participating in ergonomic courses, stressing pro-
duct-safety and analysis of product-use; teaching electives,
such as Professional Practice of Industrial Design Enginee-
Research: Supervising research projects, such as on Product
safety, Analysis of product-use, Cognitive factors of product-
use, inclusive Ph.D.-projects.
The professor is supposed to maintain working contacts with
a.o. the Foundation for Consumer Safety and professional

- having a large experience in design and development of goods
to be manufactured by industry in series, and especially of
consumer durables and professional equipment; thereby
stressing ergonomic qualities of utility, safety, efficiency
and comfort of use;
- possessing a broad knowledge of product- and system- ergono-
mics, of theories and methods concerning product-safety and
being experienced in applying these to product development;
- a Ph.D. degree or having published an equivalence of scien-
tific publications;
- being able to give guidance to teaching and research in a
way inspiring the about 15 members of the Section and
enhancing the team-spirit;
- having good didactic qualities and experience in working in
multidisciplinary teams: international professional expe-
rience is an advantage;
- being capable and willing to fulfil managerial functions in
the Department and in the Faculty of Industrial Design

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Those interested in the above-mentioned position or who wish
to direct attention to candidates suitable for the position
are requested to apply to: The Chairman of the Vacancy
Committee, Prof.Dr. J.M. Dirken, Faculty of Industrial Design
Engineering, Jaffalaan 9, 2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands.
Also contact this address for further information or telephone
+31 15 783081.

According to the governmental regulation on University profes-
sors (Gross Dfl. 105.000 - 180.000 p.a), incl. direct partici-
pation in the pension fund of Civil Servants.

Chairman of the Vacancy Committee
Prof.dr. J.M. Dirken
tel: 31-(0)15 783081
fax: 31-(0)15 787179
email:[email protected]

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