Architects Computer Systems Conference, Wiesbaden (G), 25-26 Nov 93

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Subject: Architects Computer Systems Conference, Wiesbaden (G), 25-26 Nov 93
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Architects Computer System Conference 1993 (ACS 93)

Wiesbaden, Hesse
25-27 November 1993

If you're traveling in Germany in late November, you might want to
take in the ACS 93. This is the tenth such conference organized by
the Hessen architects organization, Architektenkammer Hessen. The
ACS represents a close melding of architectural and computer issues
and should be of interest to professionals in both these and related
fields. The Europe-wide Architects Computer Systems Award is
presented at this conference and there is an exhibition of computer
software and hardware pertinent to architecture, construction, and
planning. In 1992, 9,300 persons, mostly architects, were in
attendance; 150 exhibitors showed their wares. Wiesbaden is about
20 minutes from Frankfurt.

The speakers for 1993 include such notables as computer "critic"
Joseph Weitzenbaum and Apple Fellow Alan Kay. In addition,
numerous practitioners from throughout Europe and the U.S., as well
as Germany, will discuss state-of-the-art applications of computer
systems in architecture and related fields. (I'm speaking on the
virtual interface as a liberated environment for architectural
practice.) The proceedings is a really nice book.

For more information, contact:

Dipl-Ing Lydia Suhrborg
Architektenkammer Hessen
Mainzer Strasse 10
D-65184 Wiesbaden, Germany

49-611-17 38 0 phone
49-611-17 38 40 fax

Bob Jacobson
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