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In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Boutwell)
|> In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
|> (Rick Horowitz) says:
|> >I'm trying to find ways to get ideas about decorating this place. I'm
|> >afraid I'm also not incredibly wealthy, so some of the stuff I've seen
|> >which I liked is out of the question (whenever I look at the prices,
|> >they tend to be over 3-5,000 dollars!).
|> Actually, there're quite a few, but most tend to emphasize product
|> over creative and cheap solutions (that is, after all, how architects
|> and interior designers make their fees). _Elle Decor_ frequently has
|> really cool stuff that is easy to emulate, but if you are looking
|> for cheap, easily dismantled things, (don't laugh) check out _Better
|> Homes and Gardens_, _Redbook_, and the _Ladies' Home Journal_.
|> These generally have concise how-to instructions for things like window
|> dressings and upholstery things that you can do yourself.

For those in the western states, Sunset Magazine is another source
of suggestions for low-cost decorating projects.

-- Robert
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