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>>I am very curious to know people's opinions on architecture schools
>>for Bachelor level. I have been planning on going to Berkeley
>>for a while but with the terrible situation with public schools
>>in California I am afraid that it will not carry the prestige
>>and resources that it once did. Does anyone with a fair amount
>>of knowledge on this subject have some advice for a very
>>confused student?
>>Thank you in advance,
>Yeah, could fork-over $16000 a year and get the
>same bullshit at an ivy-league institution...NOT!!!
>Prestige? ...oookay.
>Personally, I was under the impression that UCB was an
>excellent deal, _especially_ for the money, but of course,
>we all know it boils down to more than that. People complain,
>but could be A LOT worse.
>Deathrace 2000

Is it just me, or was that a useless response to a reasonable question?

I don't know enough about Berkely to tell you whether it is good or
bad, but you might also want to look closely at U Michigan and Georgia
Tech. Both schools get some state support (I think) so may be cheaper
than Ivys, and both have excellent and prestigeous (sp?) architecture

I doubt that prestige is going to be a problem for people coming out of
Berkely in the near future, it is and will likely remain highly
regarded. IMHO

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