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In article <[email protected]>
[email protected] (Daniel Mittleman) writes:
>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] writes...
>>[email protected] (Michael O'Neil) writes:
>>>...for Bachelor level. I have been planning on going to Berkeley
>>>for a while but with the terrible situation with public schools
>>>in California I am afraid that it will not carry the prestige
>>>and resources that it once did. Does anyone with a fair amount...

>>Yeah, could fork-over $16000 a year and get the
>>same bullshit at an ivy-league institution...NOT!!!
>>Prestige? ...oookay.
>>Personally, I was under the impression that UCB was an
>>excellent deal, _especially_ for the money, but of course,
>>we all know it boils down to more than that. People complain,
>>but could be A LOT worse.

>Is it just me, or was that a useless response to a reasonable

IMHO, it's just you, 'cause he asked for opinions, AND... in my
_opinion_, too many people find it all too easy to complain
about a school like UCB. UCB is SO inexpensive compared to
many other schools of the same caliber -"...terrible situation...
...afraid that it will not carry the prestige and resources
that it once did..." -gimme a break!

So, to make it simple, I'm saying:
A) quit whining
B) Berkeley is a fine school, especially for the money
C) make your decision based on several real parameters
(ie. cost, location, faculty, resources (UCB has plenty),
type of students, type of program, and so on...)
D) to hell with "prestige" (UCB does have this, though)

Hell, I didn't even go to Berkeley.

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