Re: architectural photography -- tools & techniques?

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Subject: Re: architectural photography -- tools & techniques?
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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1993 00:17:04 GMT
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Yee) writes:

>I've been admiring some of the architectural magazines' photos -- both
>indoor and outdoor -- of various buildings and landscapes. Technically,
>their generally superb (extremely sharp, lighted & exposed to show the
>important detail), and most times, IMHO, even nice enough to hang on a
>wall. Question: anybody know the favorite tools and techniques used to
>accomplish this, perhaps, specialized sort of photography? Specifically:
> (i) for indoor shots, is there a minimum number of flash units (w/ or w/o
> large umbrellas/diffusers) that one ought to carry on such a shoot?
> (ii) what are the criteria for choosing film or is it in general "anything
> goes"? Is there a favorite film?

Depends on the light sources used to illuminate the scene and the
light sources visible in the field of view, if any.

> (iii) do most architect-photographers find use of a color meter
> indespensible? likewise, is there a favorite flash meter?
> (iv) is a perpective-control (pc) lens also required equipment?

for 35 mm and medium format, it can be very helpful. Olympus makes
the widest, a 24 mm PC for 35 mm format.

> (vi) any good books on lighting?
> (vii) and, of course, what's the best selling camera for this sort of
> work? 8)

Some people have converted the Olympus 24 mm PC to fit onto Canon and
Nikon bodies, but it would seem more sensible to just get an Olympus
body. (They're reallynot that terrible :-).

>Any comments on this subject in general would be interesting to read also.

Chekc out Norman McGrath's book "Photographin Buildings Inside and
Out". He has a new version, with a mostly dark cover. Excellent book
on this topic.

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