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From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Architecture Schools
Date: 12 Nov 93 21:38:01 CST

In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Michael O'Neil)
> I am very curious to know people's opinions on architecture schools for
> Bachelor level. I have been planning on going to Berkeley for a while but with
> the terrible situation with public schools in California I am afraid that it
> will not carry the prestige and resources that it once did. Does anyone with
> a fair amount of knowledge on this subject have some advice for a very
> confused student?
> Thank you in advance,
> Michael

Hhhmmm... What's the deal with California? I'm going to OU (which,
at last known tally was considered the #16 school of Arch in the nation) and
was considering heading out to Berkeley for grad school given the dubious
condition of higher education here. My sneaking suspicion is that education
of this sort may be going through some tough times just about anywhere.

I would recommend OU pretty highly, however, for undergrad work. I've
worked with some great preofessors here. We are, however, currently suffering
the experience of a new dean. The big factor for OU, however, is that it's
DIRT CHEAP! You can get your 5 year BArch here for a song, and top it off
with an MArch. in one year from some real prestigious school. And if, by
chance, you happen to be a National Merit scholar, you get 5 years here
completely FREE.
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