A Measure of Excellence - Canadian Universities

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From: UXIL <[email protected]>
Subject: A Measure of Excellence - Canadian Universities
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 03:20:03 GMT

In the third annual ranking of Canadian universities, the Canada's
weekly newsmagazine "Maclean's" provides a survey of 51 institutions.
The ranking is based on:

Student Body (entering grade, proportion who graduate, international
students, students awards...)
Classes (median size, taught by tenured Faculty)
Faculty (with Ph.D., grants obtained, awards)
Finances (operating budget, % of budget for scholarships and bursaries,
% of budget for student services)
Library (holdings per student, % of budget for acquisition and % of
university's expenses for library)
Reputation (Alumni financial support, reputational survey)

Montreal's McGill University ranks the top for three consecutive years.
The following is quoted from the Maclean's --

"Above all, McGill must be made the great national school of Canada
for every form of higher study. There need be here no question of
petty jealousies or false rivalries with other institutions. It is
only necessary to admit that McGill is best, and all anger is at an

Here is the results of Maclean's 1993 "A Measure of Excellence":
(medical/doctoral universities)

1. McGill University
2. Queen's University
3. University of Toronto
4. University of British Columbia
5. McMaster University
6. University of Calgary
7. University of Montreal
8. Dalhousie University
9. University of Ottawa
10. University of Alberta
11. University of Western Ontario
12. Laval University
13. University of Saskatchewan
14. University of Sherbrooke
15. University of Manitoba
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