ART: vs. Craft.

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regarding craft vs. art:
It seems to me a matter of controll. When working on a painting i find
that initially i'm working from some idea (general and open ended though it
may be). as i work, however, i find that the painting itself is dictating
more and more the choices i make until finally, as the painting nears
completion, the decisions come strictly from the visual elements on the
surface and not from my original idea. by this time my original notion
may very well be just a faint memory. in craft this seems not the case.
in craft the process of creation seems totally preconceived. whether the
process is dictated by the functionality of the object or some design
element of the craftsman is of little consequence. the point is that the
artist seems more responsive to his/her media and choices are ultimately
made in response to that media as opposed to being the plowhorse of some
premeditated, specific notion.
michael o'connor
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