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From: [email protected] (John E Kluchka-1)
Subject: schools of architecture
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1993 15:51:58 GMT

Here at the U of M (twin cities), the architecture school is going under
many changes. This year, the b-arch program is starting its slow death in
the Colleg of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. In the future,
undergraduates must recieve a liberal arts degree at the U of M with an
architecture major. This major is available to all students without any
ype of portfolio review for admission, but spaces in classes are very
limited. After this degree is completed, graduates apply to the masters
program to complete the rest of your professional education (at least 3

As for the quality of education here, I have heard that we are ranked in
the top ten at least, but I have never read that anywhere. As I am not
very far along within the system, I probably cannot give an accurate
evaluation. This information can probably be gotten from the national
accredidation board.

As far as facilities go, our building has needed help for a long time. As
well, there have been plans laid out for renovation and construction of a
new wing, but funds are tight.

As a Wisconsin resident, I pay wisconsin tuition for a Minnesota education
through reciprocity, meaning I pay less than if I actually lived in MN!
For me, at least, this place is great for the money I pay. The campus is
large and diverse, and Minneapolis is a 20 min walk away.

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