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> bk in ky raised an interesting issue the AND.
> It iseems that during the 19th century. Universities/colleges of arts AND
> sciences
> were started. The result was that it divided the arts from the sciences with
> departments for art and science. Indeed, they ended up formallizing the
> division.
> A similar thing happened in the 20th Century with the development of schools
> of Arts AND Crafts. Once again, they established the divisions. Maybe what
> we need are schools of ART and SPORTS, or ART and ECONOMICS, or ART and
> Actually, there are some schools of Art and Business. I've never visited any
> of them. The one's I know about are in Italy and Latin America. Does anyone
> know anything about how they work?

Forgive me if I am oversimplifying things, but wasn't this exactly what Walter
Gropius was trying to achieve at the Bauhaus? I know it was the art
"embracing" industry thing, but maybe that is why they failed in the long
run at producing aestheically "pleasing" art (that wasn't wrapped in theory)--
they didn't take a multi-diciplinary approach to learning (or did they?)
I really don't know enough about the Bauhaus, but it seem like it's worth
a thought.

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