Stats on arch degrees

As part of an ongoing project on the sociology of arch education, I am
looking for some stats on arch students. I have various snippets from
numerous sources, but no comprehensive one. Particular questions:

*) I take it I am correct in saying that in at least a few US states one
does not need a degree for licensure. Or was this changed recently? I
believe that, as here or the UK, one does not need licensure to practice,
provided you do not actually infringe the title of 'architect'.

*) Am I correct in saying that most (75%??) of US arch students are
enrolled in 5-year straight-through Bachelor's programs?

*) How prevalent are 'baleout' degrees, as I heard someone call them? Here
(Aus) they are called pre-professional degrees, in the UK I believe they
are called Part 1 degrees. Does anyone know the proportion of students
doing such a degree who decide NOT to continue to a professional arch

Thanks in advance....
Garry Stevens
Dept of Architectural and Design Science
University of Sydney
NSW 2006
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