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This may be of some interset to the members of ARTCRIT.

I am working with Prof. Vivian Paul at Texas A & M University on a Gopher
type database concerning Architecture. The server should include the

. 1. Lists of exhibitions around the state, country and world.

2. Lists of job openings.

3. Lists of people with special skills which could be of use to
the architecture . community. (i.e. Who can
help me with my research on solar design?)

4. Lists of who is doing research on any number of topics including:

a. History of Architecture

b. Design Theory

c. Architectural Pedagogy

d. Computer technology in architecture.

5. Lists of various image libraries and their area(s) of

6. Tables of contents of various architecture journals.

7. Any other type of information as a need would arise.

We are hoping to have the server up and running some time in the late
Winter or Spring.

There has been a lot of discussion on this listserv and others
(specifically M. Lavin's out of Princeton) regarding a need for a database
of information of this sort. We hope to address these needs in so far as
Architecture is concerned.

If anyone has questions regarding this please feel free to contact myself
or Prof. Paul.

John Anderson - [email protected]
Vivian Paul - [email protected]

Thank You.

John Anderson

John Anderson
[email protected]

No matter where you go, there you are.

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