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ray - I'm not very informed on Hadid's work, my guess is that it is imflu. by
Corbusier, however, I did grow up with some of Johnsons work in Pittsburgh.
The construction of the PPG towers was truly a
step forward in the Arch. of Pgh. and I believed allowed for more postmod. Arch
to be excepted in the area. I disagree with the "postmod sleep" analogy. Could
you elaborate? I fully suport the deconstructivists ideas and the dismantling
of modernism. If you would like to see the practice in a simplified text see
Madan Sarup's book:an intro.guidee to poststucturalism and postmod. chapter2
Derrida & Deconstruction. But all that aside I see Johnson's approch as more
appropriative than deconstructive. Pastiche!! My question for you is do you
think deconstruction has a place in any art form? reply
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