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The Hadid that I spoke of is Zaha Hadid. She recently recieved a commission
in New York for something, but I forget what it is. Most of her work is
drawings and these drawings are what she has built most of her reputation on.

I do not see Johnson as in anyway deconstructive. His work simply does not
possess the structural integrity or awareness that is required for a structural
critique that is essential to a "deconstructive" attitude. His work falls mor
into "pop" pr "post-modern" as movements and ideas. Personally, I don't feel
that his work has been all that strong. He seems to have gone along with
wahtever was popular at the moment with out any ideas of his own.

I don't see the deconstruvists as dismantlers of modernism. I think that it is
a very serious mistake to see them that way. Certainly, that is not what
Derrida is about. All movements - isms - seem to get out of hand. These two
certainly do. Deconstruction is about dismantling institutions. To the
extent that modernism is an institution , it most scertainly needs

There is another word that floats around - mostly in literature -

This is a difficult words for architects to adopt be cause it gets at one of
the fundamental institutions of architecture. Maybe, what they really need is
post-functionalism for them to get the point.

An important thing to remember - neither Lyotard (Post-Modern) nor Derrida
(deconstuction) are sloppy thinkers. They don't ever propose the loosy-goosy
popular interpretations of these ideas which seem to be floating around. I
suggest that you read the original works!

Ray Lauzzana
Editor-in-Chief, Languages of Design
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San Francisco
CA 94133, USA
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