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* In September/October 1994 the Foundation ATTILA (based in Rotterdam,
* The Netherlands) is organizing an international electronic workshop.
* The idea is to send and receive 3D-models for SCULPTURE-BUILDINGS.
* Buildings which are sculptures, and sculptures actually being buildings.
* Buildings are regarded as sculptures to work and to live in. All the
* received 3D-models will be assembled to form a virtual
* "Global City", sculptured by an international group of artists and
* designers.

You can participate as an individual or with a group (students or
professional designers/artists), so the manifestation will become
a global workshop.

The main topic of the manifestation will be the relationship between
Architecture, Art and Electronic media.
With the increasing influence of electronic media on our physical
world, the way we experience our physical environment changes.
The tendency of communication spaces becoming more and more a-topic
can be of great influence on the design of architectural-,
sculptural- and cyber-space. In the near future the electronic
networks might be entered from every physical place. With this
intertwining of physical and electronic space every physical space
becomes connected to virtually every other space and becomes in
itself a-topic even though it is geographically fixed.
What can be said about designing architectural or sculptural space
in the paradoxical situation that arises when you superimpose
virtual and real spaces; a situation of being in two spaces at the
same time? Nowadays the schizophrenic zones between architecture, art
and electronic media is approached from the separate points of view
of the architect, artist or computer specialist. We would like to
question this one-sided approach by confronting the different fields
and thus create a dialogue between them.

The dissolving sensorial boundaries between electronic and physical
space will be explored during the manifestation by connecting cyber-
spatial-design to physical interfaces, such as milling-machines and

--- Menno Rubbens [email protected]

A message like this will be distributed among people, interested in
participating, every month.
If you are interested in participating in the 'Sculpture City
International' manifestation or if you have useful distribution channels
for this message, please let me know. If you know someone who wants to
receive this, previous and future messages, send his or her e-mail
address to me.

Please send reactions, questions and ideas to:

[email protected]


Sculpture City International is an initiative of Kas Oosterhuis ,architect
in Rotterdam an Ilona Lenard, sculptor in Rotterdam.
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