Environmental Impacts of Golf Courses

I'd like to look into the issue of the environmental impacts of golf
courses. Any written references will be appreciated. (I saw the article in
SIERRA last summer and read it; it raises some important issues but its
tone was, it seems to me, propogandistic with a lot of loaded language
('greed,' 'developers') and so forth; it did not speak to SOLUTIONS,
though the author is a golfer and I'm sure has an interest and making golf
a 'greener game.' It was a thoroughly disappointing article.)

But that doesn't mean that there is no problem. What to read?

Some issues:

--Spur suburban development by providing a focus for new homes and
encouraging leap-frogging of existing development.
--Another issue, but not particular to golf but in common with any other
development, is potential conflict with wetlands and endangered species.
--Then there is use of herbicides etc. to maintain the grasses on fairways
and greens; the run-off would cause some water pollution problems.
--Then there would be issues of water consumption: a great deal.
Perhaps there are more.

Any suggestions on other issues to look for and for articles/books
to reading.

BTW, I write this as an avid golfer. A VERY avid golfer.

David Sucher
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