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From: Marcos Novak <[email protected]>
Date: 10 Dec 1993 00:55:25 GMT


I am currently constructing "CENTRiFUGE: A Collection of Experimental
Architectures," the virtual presence of the School of Architecture at The
University of Texas At Austin on the World Wide Web. Our MOSAIC/HTTP
server has been up intermittently over the past couple of months. It will
soon be available on a wider and more regular basis, at which point I
will be posting an announcement to this and other groups. In the
meantime, I look forward to the discussion of what architecture's
presence on the net can be.

CENTRiFUGE will be built on an architectural/spatial metaphor, and will
act as an experimental interface to information, as well as as an ongoing
experiment on the problem of the distribution of space and place. Using
AppleScript and the ISMAP feature of MOSAIC, in conjunction with
hyperlinks embedded within images of liquid architecture visualizations,
users will be able to move through cyberspace chambers as they retrieve
information. At selected point, appropriate animations will convey the
sense of place we envision in anticipation of higher bandwidth
technologies. Eventually, hyperlinks will be embedded in simple
walkthrough type models that can be transmitted at the onset of a query
and used as virtual interfaces.

Although CENTRiFUGE is certain to grow in many directions, an important
part of it will always be devoted to experimental and theoretical
explorations in architecture, at the forefront of knowledge. Proposals,
contributions, or suggestions can be sent to me at the address listed

Marcos Novak
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