2 architecture gophers

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From: [email protected] (Kazys Varnelis)
Subject: 2 architecture gophers
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 08:57:24 -0500

Last night I found 2 gophers worth visiting:

First there a gopher server exists for the Istituto Universitario di
Architettura in Venice. It is located at cidoc.iuav.unive.it port 70.
Under directory 01 Istit. Univer. Architettura is a subdirectory called
Programmi Docenti - Teacher's Courses, listing current syllabi for
InstituteUs faculty. These syllabi are rather extensive, are searchable by
keyword, and include courses taught by the likes of Manfredo Tafuri,
Massimo Cacciari, Giorgio Ciucci, Francesco dal Co, Georges Teyssot, and
Aldo Rossi. The syllabi are in Italian. There is also a bit more
information in the gopher that I havenUt had time to dig through, including
the Institute libraryUs on-line catalog, some graphic files and all sorts
of information on Venice.

The second gopher is at gopher.architecture.mcgill.ca port 70, which also
has some interesting stuff and is worth checking out.

Kazys Varnelis

Ph.d candidate
History and Theory of Architecture,
Cornell University
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