Call for participation:HABITAT94

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Subject: Call for participation:HABITAT94
Date: 10 DEC 93 20:18:30 GMT

H A B I T A T 9 4
Edmonton, Canada
September 18 - 23, 1994


HABITAT 94 is an international joint conference hosted by the
Canadian Institute of Planners and the International Federation for
Housing and Planning. The conference will cover a broad range of
topics relating to the changing requirements of cities, countries
and communities worldwide, from housing projects to the design of
space stations.

Special presentation will be made by NASA on the design and
development of space stations, and by Space Biosphere Ventures
regarding the Biosphere 2 Project in Arizona.

Information on social events, day trips and post conference tours
is available with the registration forms package.

Papers or poster presentations are invited on any subject relating
to the Congress' themes. Topics of particular interest are expert
systems in urban planning and design; simulation models in planning
and urban design; models for small-area aging populations; information
systems; innovations in residential design and housing technology.

Paper presentations will be limited to 20 minutes, plus a 10 minute
discussion period.

To be considered for the inclusion in the program, an abstract not
exceeding 300 words must be submitted before March 31, 1994.
Advance inquiries about possible presentations are also welcome.

Submit hard copies of abstracts or queries to:

Bruce Duncan
Conference Chairman
Habitat 94
10310 - 102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2X6

Fax: +403 428 4742
Ph: +403 421 1994


Abraham Akkerman
Associate Professor
Regional and Urban Development Program
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7N 0W0

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[email protected]
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