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Here's some research on the picture plane, I thought might be of interest in
the college discussion. Visiting regional show, I began to notice
variations in the way picture space was organized in 2-d visual art.

In the midwest (Tree-Plains), space was evenly divided between foreground
(subject) and background [BALANCE] while in the mountainous regions, people
used more than half the space for the subject of foreground [Influence of the
mountains jutting up above the horizon]. This approximates what you see when
you are outside- and it affects consciousness and perception and

Then I tested non- art trained people from different areas for preference and
voila, they prefered paintings representing where they had spent more than
half of their life.

A third category had no depth of field and was on the surface- this was the
Urban category. Nobody liked these works and it makes sense because my
subjects had not gone to art school where one learns to appreciate the "New
York Aesthetic" or mainstream art.

Incredible as it may seem, the majority of participants prefered art that was
home grown or replicated the spatial characteristics of home (unless they are
from the city). It makes a case for the use of art in locale to teach intro

Dr. A. Summitt
(1990) unpublished dissertation: "Influence of Geographic Environment on
Visual Art Preference: Implications for Adult Education"
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