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From: [email protected] (Olaf Titz)
Subject: Re: Architecture in dreams?
Date: 18 Dec 1993 23:46:43 GMT

In article <[email protected]>,
Zog Archer <[email protected]> wrote:
> A lot of my dreams take place in beautifully constructed settings, with
> all sorts of room shapes, doors, platforms, and stairs. I'm wondering if
> I should be paying more attention to these subconcious blue-prints and
> trying to find some sort of meaning in them...?

Definitely. I'm an architecture buff too and many of my dreams feature
certain types of buildings, which do have a meaning. The most
prominent example is the huge dormitory: Since I left college (a
boarding school), I occasionally dreamed about big residential
buildings where many people live, always featuring a huge (several
floors high) entrance hall and recreational facilities such as a
swimming pool. (I believe such integrated structures were thought of
much by Le Corbusier, I should check that out.) I've looked at this as
an indication of a certain desire towards such large structures (as
much as I detest "gigantomania" otherwise), and the dreams have mostly
stopped since I live in a rather large dorm.

(Incidentally, I've recently visited a University building which could
have well been from one of my dreams... not that I wanted to study
there but it's an interesting twist.)

(Comparing this to the "Cafe Dreamers" postings is left as an exercise

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