Re: dreems

>> > A lot of my dreams take place in beautifully constructed settings, with
>> > all sorts of room shapes, doors, platforms, and stairs. I'm wondering if
>> > I should be paying more attention to these subconcious blue-prints and
>> > trying to find some sort of meaning in them...?
>I've had many dreams that seem like they are filmed in Super-8 film where
>I am floating through my very contrastly lit home. Home sweet home. Room
>to room. Door to door. That big green frog that I used to keep our piles
>of toys in.
>John Pohorylo

Pop-culture humorist, Jean Shephard, has asked, "Did it ever seem to you
that your life was filmed on grainy super-eight film? Hand-held?"

Someone made the connection to forgetting dreams, and forgetting movies. I
know that too well. But I remember clearly whether it was a 4-star dream,
or movie.

Loren Sauer
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