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MOBILITY on [email protected]
or [email protected]

MOBILITY is a list to help disabled persons gain access and mobility.

Here's what I want us to use the Mobility list for:

1. We can discuss what mobility is. It is not just access to public
transportation. It is also our ability to get around using
wheelchairs, and our own cars or vans.

2. Mobility also means communications. What about cell phones? I am
presently trying to get NYNEX to start a special Emergency Life Line
Mobile Service for those Cell Subscribers who have special parking
permits or handicapped mass transit ID cards. Or whose doctor say a
cell phone might be needed for the disabled person's health and
safety. This will give these disabled persons the safety and ability
to use a cell phone at a vastly reduced rate, giving them quick and
efficient emergency communications if their motorized wheelchair or
car or van breaks down.

3. Mobility will also be discussed as it relates to socializing and

4. And we will also be discussing education and employment and how it
relates to mobility.

5. Finally, you will help us with your views and news on mobility.

I hope you will tell everyone you know about our mobility list, and
tell them to subscribe to it today.

To Join Mobility, send e-mail to [email protected] or to
[email protected] on BITNET with the BODY of the mail containing:

sub mobility yourfirstname yourlastname

Eg. sub mobility Joan Doe

Owner: Robert Mauro [email protected]
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