Women and wood

Michael D. James wrote an interesting note on Tupperwareification, and asked:
>I notice there's a lot of talk about conferences, but not much talk
>about DESIGN in this forum. Is this intentional? --mdj

Something came to my attention recently, and at the risk of war, I would
like to share.

I bought a new/old home in August. It is a neo-F.L. Wright-Usonian home,
built in 1957, and designed by a student of F.L.Wright. All stone, wood,
and glass; and angles. (There is no Tupperware in it). Many friends are
very impressed with the home. However, one women said, -This is a man's
house; women don't like this kind of house.

Trying not to be defensive, I asked, Why not?

Because, she said, Its all stone, wood, and glass. Women like plaster,
paint, and wallpaper.

Loren Sauer
[email protected]
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