Re: doors as floors?

>>From [email protected] Mon Jan 3 15:50:13 1994
>>Are you planning to sand off the veneer *only* once? Probably not!

>My handy-dandy Home Depot sells "wood floor" material that is obviously
>veneer on top of other stuff. What should I conclude from that?
| Why should a commercial
product manafacturer care? Will they be around when the veneer is finally
removed? Probably not? What is *their* guarantee?

>Perhaps that instead of re-finishing that stuff, people just replace it?
| You might consider a Varathane surface
after the first sanding, and just keep recoating it. You could probably
wax it in the interim. Later, remove the wax before giving it another
coat. Check the requirement for recoating it.

>How much material typically comes off in a sanding, I wonder?
| It probably can be estimated. It sounds like something an
engineer might be able to tell you. However, ask the company, but listen
carefully to the story!
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