Re: Need Advice on Architectural Engineering and Construction Software

>We are soliciting opinions and recommendations
>on architectural, engineering and construction CAD packages
>for our company.

>We need a very complete and polished package
>to support us from the initial design through maintenance
>and future building modifications.

>We would like to hear your opinions and experiences both
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>good and bad on commercially available software. Please reply
>via e-mail to [email protected]

>Our requirements are as follows:

> 1. The package must interface with the Oracle
> database package (preferrably version 7).

> 2. The package must support the following areas:
> a. Complete Architectural Drawings with detail
> suitable for construction including:
> - Complete Structural Details
> - Electrical
> - Plumbing & Piping
> b. Capability for handling special flooring requirements
> for raised floors, angled floors and floors with
> special finish requirements.
> c. Ability to define special equipment in a library
> for placement and reuse in our drawings.
> d. Ability to place equipment and furniture in a
> building and view it in both 2-d and 3-d.
> e. Ability to create a complete Bill of Materials
> for everything required to build the building.
> f. Ability to do animation and walk-throughs.
> g. Facilities maintenance support.
> h. Fixed Assets Support.
> i. Site planning and preparation.
> j. The ability to allow files to be viewed by all
> users on a network possibly through X-windows.

>Thanks for your assistance.

>Elaine Acree (e-mail to [email protected])
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