>i love geometry. i've always loved to design spaces. i hope that's
>what it takes... i just got a book by Roger Lewis entitled
|Themes universal to the arts, including architecture are themes s.a.,
structures, movement, systems, space, function, and light. There are
others. My research has been into these themes for about 24 years.

>_Architect?_. it's about what type of person becomes an architect,
| I think you have to be somewhat
into S&M. It's a very difficult
and demanding profession.

>etc., and what schools are AIA affiliated. tulane was listed.
| You mean NAAB related, or accredited
by that arm of the AIA.

>unfortunately, i got some pretty nasty email about tulane's school
>of architecture just a minute ago, and it has kind of discouraged
>me... something to the effect of "they have nothing advanced."
| It would be reasonable to
trot over tothe school, and ask
the head for a tour. Find out
>it figures. what he/she has. ASK!
| Really? [I cannot go by the numbers!]
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