Re: CALMA: Request for Information

I must respond having been one of the early employees of CALMA(pre-GE).

Yes, CALMA did have AEC products. The name of the product was CADEC.
Personally, although I had a lot to do with its implementation, I think
that it is a disaster. Its a wire-frame not solids system which forund
its home in the process industry. At the time I left CALMA, our most
notavble customers were Ontario Hydro and Procter & Gamble. This is
the early 80s time-frame. At the time, the pakage served that industry well.
However, technology has certainly advanced far beyond it. Lesson to
learn - Progress is our most important product. Buy it, and sell it
to some one else. The CALMA story is a beautiful story about one of
the major things that is wrong about American industry.

- ray
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