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From: [email protected] (Daniel Mittleman)
Subject: Re: Squatter Sessions
Date: 7 Jan 1994 23:24 MST

In article <[email protected]>, (Don Trask) writes...
>In the world of architecture and arch. design, there is a technique for
>gathering requirements called "squatter-session". This technique utilizes
>non-stop meetings with all required folks present in order to gather
>requirements with a vastly reduced time span to do so.
>I'm looking for firms that employ this technique - with an eye to finding
>documentation on how to conduct and manage these sessions.
>Don Trask
>Lockheed Space Systems
>[email protected]

Most of the large firms do this. In your area I know that Jay
Farbstein and Associates (San Luis Obispo?) specialize in such things.
But I suspect that most of the firms (Jay included) consider their
methods to be proprietary. There are a couple of books that will give
you the nuts and bolts of conducting sessions. One is _Problem
Seeking_ by William Pena. Also, Edward White from Florida State U. has
written several practical books on the subject. Check your library.
Call or write White if you want to order his books - he publishes them
himself and will certainly be happy to send you a catalog (find a
Florida address - his Tucson address will get it there but there will
be a week delay in the forwarding.) Also, Henry Sanoff from North
Carolina State has written some practical books in this area. Check
that out too.

If you are interested in using Groupware to do a squatter session, give
me a phone call or send me e-mail. We have used groupware to do some
concurrent design work with Boeing, and I am currently writing a
dissertation on developing a model for using it to do squatter
sessions. I would be happy to talk to you about my work.

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