Arcologies: Any non-Soleri works exist?

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From: [email protected] (Rebecca Herndon)
Subject: Arcologies: Any non-Soleri works exist?
Date: 9 Jan 1994 07:48:39 GMT

I've read all of Soleri's writings on arcologies, most of which were
written in 1969. I'd like some information from other sources as well.
Have there been any dissertations, studies, projects, books, articles...
anything by other people?
I have a lot of supposition from fictional sources on arcology life,
but I'm looking for more imperical and scholarly works.
(FYI: _Oath of Fealty_ Larry Niven & Jerry Pournell,
_California Voodoo Game_ (Dream Park Series)
Larry Niven & Steven Barnes)

Does anyone have a bibliography or at least one source?
It's been over 20 years since Soleri published _Arcology_, someone
must have done something.....

I am writing to The Cosanti Foundation for information on how Arcosanti
(Soleri's arcology in N.Arizona) has done. But the net should be able
to provide some information too....

Personal mail is acceptable.

Rebecca Herndon ([email protected])

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