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From: [email protected] (Kim Baumann Larsen)
Subject: Re: Lebbeus Woods
Date: 8 Jan 1994 23:08:48 GMT

In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Marius
Ibenhardt Watz) wrote:
> Does anyone here whether Lebbeus Woods is on the net?
> How about other architects?

I take it you mean 'famous' or internationally known architects by "other
I don't know about Lebbeus Woods, but Michael Benedict, editor of the
book "Cyberspace: First Steps" is at the University of Texas, Austin and
has an Email-address there. Also, I believe that Malcolm Quantrill,
architecture theorist and professor at Texas A&M can be reached via email
(check Gopher to get these). He has written among other things an
interesting critical review of Benedict's book.

Sadly - it seems that few practicing architects outside of the
University/College of Architecture environment have yet discovered the
even within the academia, the Architects on the Net are not many.

> I'd like to get in contact with Woods to obtain permission
> for electronic redistribution of some of his texts.
> Marius

Kim B Larsen <= architect
College of Architecture - SICSA
University of Houston
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