Design of Oceania

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From: [email protected] (Eric S Klien)
Subject: Design of Oceania
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 23:29:14 GMT

The new nation of Oceania is being organized to provide a haven for
freedom. Because all the land, including every tiny island, is
already part of some nation, Oceania is, perforce, being situated in
international waters. To accomplish this feat, we have contracted
with an architect who designed the world's largest floating hotel to
design modular platforms (hexagons) to form the base of our nation.

That still leaves a great deal of architecture to provide designs for
building on these platforms. There are many interesting
opportunities to design for the companies planning banks, casinos,
hotels, apartment complexes, malls, shops, factories, docks, marinas,
airfields, and a host of other types of building on the artificial

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