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This list is for commercial real estate professionals involved in
sales, acquistions, management and development of commercial
property. Receive & send property for sale, ask/answer questions,
send Press Releases, receive editioral material and do general

To subscribe, send E-Mail and your Internet address to
[email protected]

Owner: Ted Kraus [email protected]

The list is moderated by Ted Kraus, a licensed commercial real estate
broker, presudent of TKO/Real Estate Advisory Group. The company is
involved in managing over 200 propertys in 36 states. They also
publish the DEALMAKERS, a weekly, national newsletter on retailing
and real estate and operators of the DEALMAKERS BBS, a national
on-line commercial real estate information source.

The company's address is P.O. Box 2630, Mercerville, NJ 08690.
Voice 609-587-6200, Fax 609-587-3511, BBS 908-730-9002.
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